Tuesday, August 15, 2017

New York Notes

Random thoughts, in no particular order, about recent New York get-away...

  • Our non-stop, direct flight (from Vancouver to New York) left at 9 am and arrived at 5 pm. Which was lovely. I would recommend non-stop, direct flights whenever possible. 

  • The thing about flying Air Canada is that your flight lands in Newark Airport (EWR) which is in New Jersey. New Jersey has it's own rules. And their airport is a little bit ghetto. And it costs about $35 per person to get from NJ to Manhattan... so keep that in mind when calculating what it'll cost to get from your bed at home to your bed in your hotel room. 

  • The Row Hotel is perfectly located in the theatre district, just around the corner from Times Square. The service is mostly horrible, the on-site restaurants are not as advertised, the rooms are less than 200 sq feet, (meaning there is no coffee maker, mini-fridge, counterspace, or desk area) (Also, they don't have the complimentary collapsible water bottles that are apparently readily available, nor do they have enough face cloths for every room every day) . BUT IT IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER FROM TIMES SQUARE. And Hell's Kitchen is two blocks away. And the subway is right there. And Central Park was just over there. And the Hop On-Hop Off Bus stops just steps away, right there. And it was cheap, comparatively speaking. So, what I'm saying, is, stay at the The Row if you don't have too many expectations.

  • Travel with people who've never been to the destination before. Seeing the city through their eyes is the best
Seeing Times Square for the first time. 

  • Make sure you plan some things in advance (buy theatre tickets, purchase concert passes, make a dinner reservation or two, arrange transportation from the airport, take advantage of groupon coupons) but leave space for spontaneity. Because 'what should we do? I dunno, whadda you wanna do' is always a fun game. :)  Oh, and even though we now live in a paperless society, print everything out and take all those papers with you. Cuz there's a chance that the Canadian Groupon App that has your voucher will not open in the states, causing you to have to download the American version, which of course does not have your voucher. Which may or may not frustrate you a little bit. And carry all your papers with you all the time because there's a chance you may end up trying to get into the Eagles concert with a printed ticket to The Waitress, which was the Broadway Musical you saw the night before. 
First class treatment at Citi Field; much patience and encouragement as Marg looked for an electronic version of her concert ticket on her phone. 
Wrong ticket. Didn't matter. :)

  • If at all possible, travel with a friend who's just had major surgery on the tendons and ligaments of her ankle. That cane she's using to get around with? Will open doors and provide amazing 'front of the line' service EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. From airports to concert venues - she was treated like royalty, with us tagging along as her faithful subjects. 

  • Travel with friends who like to try new things. Travel with friends who don't mind sleeping with ear plugs. Travel with friends who take afternoon naps. Travel with friends who like to laugh. Travel with friends who are kind to strangers. Travel with friends who don't hate your camera. Travel with friends. 

Full post of New York pics to follow. Someday.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends
2. Summmer
3. Memories


Monday, August 14, 2017


It's Monday evening.
The smoke that has stolen the last few weeks of my summer has moved on, taking with it the hot temperatures. I've traded in my pajama shorts for the full length variety and I'm on my mom's back deck, with a hoodie on, hanging onto to that summer feeling with both hands.

I can't stop crying.

Well, crying may be too strong a word.

I keep tearing up.

The hatred on display in Charlottesville over the weekend, the death of the stunt-driver, (working on Deadpool 2) this morning in Vancouver, a video I just watched, showing the kindness of a garbage truck driver giving a young boy with autism (who excitedly watches him come to their home every week) a Tonka-type garbage truck toy, the sorrow in the opening monologue of Jimmy Fallon's show tonight, photos of Johnny Depp dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow visiting Vancouver Children's Hospital today; my friend Marg letting me know she's been to hell and back with her first round of chemo and had to quit because she couldn't handle it, missing my boy who's gonna be in Africa for another month ... combine all that with hormones running amok, and well. Tears.

Kindness, hatred, pain, joy, longing  ... this is life. It's messy.

Dear God,

Give our leader's wisdom even if they don't ask for it. I'm asking on their behalf.

Open our eyes so that we see each other the way that You do; with love.

Ignite inside us a passion for justice and righteousness. Give us boldness to speak up when we should.

How can we be kinder? Give us lots of opportunities to try. And when we fail, give us more chances. We need the practice.

Please don't give up on us.


And PS, God? Can you just go ahead and heal Marg? Chemo is just too hard. We need her. Just have at that cancer and condemn it to hell. OK? Thanks.

For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, declares the Lord.
~ Jeremiah 30:17

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sunday Supper

Clint is leaving on Saturday for Africa, so we met for dinner tonight.

Dear God,

Thank you for these people.
Thank you that you picked me to be their mom.
Thank you for the opportunities you've blessed them with.

Thank you for the work Clint gets to do in Africa. I know Your hand was all over that.
Please keep him safe; both while traveling and while working. I pray he would find favor with those he comes in contact with. I pray that he would remain healthy. Please open and close doors according to Your will. I pray a blessing over the teams he'll be meeting up with in Uganda and Tanzania. Could you send a few extra angels to keep watch over him?

Thank you for Drew and Danica's Season of New Things. Marriage, housing, job promotions ... so many beautiful gifts from you. I pray You would be generous with giving Drew wisdom as he learns to lead with joy and compassion, both at home and at work. I pray You would provide him with role models and mentors who'll come alongside as he encounters challenges. Remind him to lean into You when he feels overwhelmed. Please guide them as they purchase a place of their own, could You handpick their neighbours? Haha. I pray they would be fun, and kind, and helpful. Thank you for Danica's job, and the opportunities she has to speak into her client's lives when they're sitting in her salon chair. I pray You would give her strength when she's tired and wisdom when she's stumped for what to say...

And thank you for Max's acceptance into BCIT this fall! So excited for him. Thank you for this time in his life; I pray Your protection and blessing on him as he becomes a full-time student. I pray that his instructors would be clear, vibrant, intelligent communicators and that his class-mates would be motivated, enthused, hard-working partners for all those group projects. And thank you for Amy's new job and new volunteer opportunity; I pray You would give her wisdom and peace as she learns and grows in both. She put some schooling on hold in order to accept this position; I pray that when she gets back into it, it would be a smooth transition to a successful finish.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Musicians.

2. Actors/writers/directors/producers

3. Soldiers

4. Family

5. Airplanes

6. Friends

7. This life.

8. His love.

Shalom, friends,