Monday, October 22, 2018


Such a great, rich, full, inspiring week.

On Wednesday after work, I met Donna for dinner. Then drove over to Guildford to pick up a few things. I noticed that there were SIX NEW Pokemon in the parking lot, so I hung around til I caught them all. Then I drove over to The Sheraton, (where Jenn was helping set up for the Surrey International Writer's Conference) to drop off a couple bags of books for her. Someday I'd like to attend the conference again. I used to go before I started working full-time. The gool ol' days.

Thursday was Day One of the Global Leadership Summit. (I attended this last year and just could not shut up about it. SO unexpectedly good.) I had been looking forward to this for months, but also a little concerned that it wouldn't be as amazing this year because:
1. Maybe I was remembering wrong?
2. Maybe last year was an unusually good year?
3. There was that whole sex thing with Bill Hybels ...

But I needed've worried. It. Was. Awesome. x 1000
There was so, so, so much to think about. So much to ponder. So much to try to squeeze into both my professional and home life. Just. So. Much.

In the evening I attended the fourth session of the Precepts Bible Study I joined this fall. I might as well be honest. I have a less-than-enthusiastic attitude about those two hours until they're over, and then something happens and I know I am exactly where I should be on Thursday nights. But Fri - Wed? I'm mostly pissy about it.

At 9, I zipped up to the cabin for ten minutes, then got home at 11:30 pm. Some days? Are very long.

Friday morning I was back at CLA for the second session of the GLS. Day Two was even better. I got a cramp in my hand from taking notes so furiously, so I just listened to the last two presenters. Simon Sinek and Craig Groeschel are crazy good communicators.

I'll probably post some of my notes here, in the days to come, when I take a breath and process it all. But can I say this? YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO NEXT YEAR.

As soon as it was over, I headed into Vancouver to pick up my hard drive from Clint's office.

This is the freeway entrance at 232nd street. I love the investment in the future someone had when they planted these red-leafed trees in the cloverleaf. My grandkids are going to use this freeway entrance and comment on the beauty of the these grand trees in about 30 years.

I had to stop and take another red-leafed tree pic. (The above was a drive-by shooting.) I parked and got out of my truck for the one below. A crowd gathered round me while I was lining up the shot, wondering what I was doing.

It took almost two hours to get to his office. Traffic was crazy on the #1. I CRAWLED.
I don't think I could ever live in Vancouver. Or work there. The commute would wreck me.

We chatted on the sidewalk for awhile, me exploding with enthusiasm about the two days of presentations I'd just sat through, him being a patient listener. When I finally stopped for a breath, I asked him what his plans were. He was meeting friends, so I gave him a hug, got back in my truck and carried on towards Kits Beach. I thought I'd sit under a sunset and re-read my notes.

About 10 minutes later my phone buzzed. Text from Clint: "Hey. If you're still in Vancouver, do you want dinner?"

People. This is the first time in the history of me being a mom that one of my sons has asked, "Do you want to have a meal with me?" FIRST TIME. To heck with reviewing my notes. I turned my truck around and headed back to his office. We walked down to the waterfront and ate outside, at Tap n Barrel on the patio, overlooking False Creek and it was utter awesomeness x 1000.

I didn't wreck the moment by taking any photos but it was a perfect evening.

From there, I drove up to Cultus where the Plett Sisters + one baby boy were all tucked in bed. It was our 7th (?) annual read-a-thon weekend. Our paths would cross for about 8 hours, haha. They go to bed rill early (by 9) and I get up rill late (noon). But it works; the ratio of sleep to reading hours is ideal.

Their piles of books were on the table when I arrived.
I added mine:

I eventually went to bed. Around 3 am.


It was 21 degrees and SUNNY on Saturday, so after my making my houses guests some lunch, I headed out for the walk that I'd been wanting to do all month:

...kicking my way through the leaves on Frosst Creek trail.

And then I fell asleep on a lawnchair at the lake.

Do Saturdays get any better than this?

The lil man woke up 'round 4:

Boo in the book nest:

Lil L and his mom share the other reading perch:

I'm at the table, culling old journals. Time to throw out another batch of deep thoughts and To Do Lists.

Rebekkah prepared a batch of homemade vegetarian peanut butter soup for supper:

It had a million different vegetables in it and was so delish.

Facetiming with the humans back home:

Snuggling sisters:

They lasted til 10 pm, reading about 1000 pages between them.

I got rid of most of my journals.

Win win win.


Sunday was a lazy day. I read one of my Management/Leadership books out on the lawn, in the sun, in a tank top and shorts because I COULD. This weather feels like a gift from God. I have loved every single moment of it.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Smart people who share their good ideas in 20 concise minutes.
2. Sons who are free for dinner with their moms on Friday nights.
3. Sunshine on weekends.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Theme Weekend

I spent the weekend at the lake.
Preparing for book club by reading a book about 83 year olds in a Dutch care facility.

A bit of a waste of a stunningly beautiful (Clear skies. Warm temps. Fall colours) 48 hours. From the funeral on Friday to the book about an assortment of delightful characters in the end stage of life, I was immersed in thoughts about death while I coughed my lungs out.

On Sunday night Sandra and I went to a Martin Smith (of Delirious fame) event. From a main stage concert at Creationfest to a Sunday evening singalong at a White Rock church, is quite a change in venue/audience size. We may be at the tail end of the Christian music industry as we knew it for a couple decades.

Still. A wonderful evening.

On Monday morning, I skipped out of work for a few hours to attend Susan Hiebert's funeral.
What a joyous, hopefilled, energetic service. What a woman of prayer. So inspiring. She left behind an amazing legacy.

Funerals are pause buttons, aren't they?
They force you to evaluate your own life.
And think about the legacy you are leaving.

Monday evening was book club, where we talked about the book. And our parents. And our experiences with care facilities. And funerals. And life in general.

And it wasn't as awful as I'm making it sound.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The most beautiful Autumn ever.
2. End-of-life celebrations that are full of hope and love.
3. Book club evenings.


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Everyone should ...

  • Everyone should stand outside at midnight, on a clear night, in a area where there are no house or street lights, and look up. OH. MY. GOODNESS. The stars! THE STARS! They took my breath away this evening. SO many. All twinkly. And bright as shimmering diamonds. And SO VERY CLOSE. And so beautiful. If mountains are typically described as "majestic" then stars should have a word too. A word like, say, magnificent. Because it's completely overwhelming and a little bit dizzying when you stand underneath something so vast and so beautiful.

  • Everyone should feel loved when they're struggling with A Cold From Hell. Oh, I know. It's just a cold. But the never-ending, middle of the night (especially the middle of the night) coughing is tiring, no? So today, while I was still not dressed, had not washed my face, brushed my teeth, sitting out on the neighour's lawn (because our back yard gets no sun), Val dropped in. Bearing gifts:

(Raspberry cream chocolate, turkey sandwich, vitamins, tea and hand cream.)
My level of hospitality extended as far as encouraging her to help herself to the candy bow.)

  • Everyone should watch This Is Us. Ideally not when you're overtired and have a coughing/congested cold. Because oh my goodness. The feels. The tears. The snot. But the writing on that show just slays me. It touches an achy spot in my heart and makes me long for more. 
  • Everyone should (well, everyone in my corner of the world) should go for a drive during this glorious fall season we're experiencing. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Lives, well-lived. 

I attended Terry's (step) dad's funeral on Friday afternoon. He had served both in the Armed Forces and the RCMP, so there was a full Honor Guard present. It really is quite something. So much respect for those who've served selflessly. 

2. Netflix. A sick person's best friend. 

3. Long afternoon talks with friends who help you go through two boxes of kleenex while you sniffle, tear-up, and blow yer noses. 


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Just a Head Cold

It's knocked me on my bum a second day.

Where did my immune system go?
Why don't I have vitamins in the house?
Why do I crave blue label SunRype apple juice when my throat is sore?

Today is Mental Heath Day.
Hoping you know, if you're struggling, it's OK.
It's OK to not be OK.

See your doctor, but also tell a friend. Or your mom.

You are not alone.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Leftover ham.
2. Enough energy to wash my bedding.
3. The tsunami of snot that was predicted to erupt from my nasal cavities has been kept at bay.