Sunday, March 18, 2018

Young Women

Friday after work I stopped at the Carvolth Bus Loop to pick up the first one, then over to a Walnut Grove basement suite to pick up the other.

Three of us were heading up to the lake for a quick get-away. They're both young women from Nice, France. 
I'm old me, from 'round here. 

As per usual when I show up with friends on Friday night, we throw whatever we're contributing to supper on the table:

Hahaha. I contributed the grapes and the pitcher of water. Alex baked gluten-free, sugar-free, diary-free muffins and Anne brought a crust-less quiche (roasted vegies in egg). We sat and ate and talked for hours. They're French and this is how they do dinner. Twas all kinds of awesome. 

What do young women talk about these days?
Value of friendships. 
Importance of family. 
Faith. Community. 

Such rich conversation; so good for the soul.

And then we watched a movie. 
Anne had never seen Julie and Julia, nor did she have any idea who Julia Childs was, and because we'd talked about blogging (I'm encouraging both of them to start), and because Amy (one of our work-mates) started a Julie/Julia type blog by baking and blogging her way through the Great British Bake Off book and we've been enjoying her efforts, AND BECAUSE THIS MOVIE IS SET IN FRANCE AND THEY ARE BOTH FROM FRANCE - it was the perfect movie choice. 

Don't you love it when movies are inspiring? 
This one was. 
For all of us. 
Mostly about blogging, but also about goals. 

By 12:30 they were off to bed and I stayed up to putter and think. 

As per usual on these weekends when I go away with friends, I come downstairs late in the morning (some might call it noon). 

The girls were out walking, so I took a pic of the table where one of them had been sitting earlier. 
Scenes like this challenge me to up my Bible-reading game. 

Nothing so pretty as a marked-up, colourful, underlined Bible. 

When they came back, we all found a spot to be alone. Together. 
Ahh. We be introverts. And we introvert very well together. 

Because there was a splotch of sunshine on the deck, I sat here:

Not realizing that my companion, less than a foot away, baking in the sun, 

was a dead bird. 

Ah. The circle of life. 
I had been awakened just hours before by a wood-pecker pecking at the metal flashing around my window (sounds like machine gun fire in case you're wondering) and I wished him dead. I'm pretty sure this wasn't the guilty 'pecker - but maybe one of his friends? 

Anyway, after lunch, we packed up to head home, stopping first at the other end of the lake for a look-see, then a lengthier stop at Vedder Trail for a walk in the sunshine. 

Weekends should be longer. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Inspiring lives of young women who are brave and adventurous and willing to continue their stories in new countries far from home. 

2. Weekends with sunshine and stillness and sweet company.

3. Sermons with a surprise ending. Haha. A new twist at the end of the Abraham/Isaaac story that I'd never pondered before. LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS. Listen to Northview's latest sermon series called 'Abe', here

Spring officially starts this week!
YAY xo

Friday, March 9, 2018


I come from a line of strong, loyal, hardworking, Godly women.
My Omi's husband was forcibly removed from their home in the middle of the night and executed, leaving her with two-year-old twins and a 9 year old son. She was on her own in a hostile land, so she and her sisters, took their children, while World War 2 in all it's gore and ugliness exploded around them, and started walking to Canada.

It took about 10 years.
She arrived in Manitoba with a teen son, a pair of almost-teen twins, no ability to speak English, during the worst winter on record when most farming families were struggling financially due to harvest hardships.  Her marketable skill? She knew how to work hard.  So she did. When she arrived in Vancouver, 5 years later, she started cleaning the big houses on the West Side. And once she retired? She volunteered every single day, until she was no longer able, sewing blankets in the back room at her local MCC Thrift Store.

She was committed to her church, to prayer and to serving her family. I remember as a young girl, staying with her for an overnighter and watching her kneel by the side of her bed, in her billowy white cotton nightgown, and her thin, grey, waist-length hair loose from it's usual braided bun, praying desperately, in German (the Holy language) to the God she trusted her life with. I also remember her babysitting us on Friday nights when we were little, and when we were older, she'd come to the house, park herself at the ironing board then iron, mend, and tend to our clothes. When we went on holidays, she'd stay at the farm, feed the cows, look after yard and deep clean the house.

She was tiny (5 feet tall? Maybe 90 pounds?) but fierce. When she poked me with her finger to make a point about something - her point was felt. She was passionate about ensuring that her grandchildren would know and worship the God who protected, delivered and loved her. And once she had great-grandchildren, that was her prayer for them as well.

Omi and Max

Omi, dad and Drew

Because of her sacrifices and because of the risks she took, her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have lived blessed lives in Canada/England/America/Germany.

This tiny woman.
This tiny, determined, strong, trusting, hope-filled, woman of faith, made her way half-way around the world in order to offer her young children a better life.

Because of that, I am here.


Today was International Woman's Day.
I come from a long line of hardworking, loyal, family-loving, church-going, God-fearing women who believed they were worthy and valuable because the God of the Universe created them uniquely for a divine purpose.

That's something, I guess.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Legacy of faith from all my ancestors, on both sides of the family.
2. The strong, kind, smart, brave, confident young women that my boys have fallen in love with.
3. This life.


Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. There's a long weekend coming up, and I'm gonna make mine EXTRA long. SO much happy in that sentence.

2. Tulips in the winter. So much hope and cheer in those flowers.

3. Exercise bikes and elliptical machines.


Thursday, February 1, 2018

Another Goodbye

Today was Alex's last day at work.

During our all-office morning gathering, I gave her a gift on behalf of the organization, then said a few words and cried.

The creative team had a good bye lunch for our girl - a Gluten Free French Picnic Lunch. (Because Alex is from France. And she's got food allergies.)

Finishing up her last day.

After work, my previous design team met for dinner to say their goodbyes to Alex


We reminisced, caught up, asked questions, listened for answers, shared some dreams, ate and played Pass-The-Baby:

I drove Inca home to Surrey, then Alex home to Vancouver and on my drive back to Surrey, on a wet, dark, stinkin' rainy night, I realized how very lucky I am.

It is an honour and a joy to work with such great people. So much talent. So much integrity. So very gifted and gracious. So kind to the old lady of the group.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Conversations that I am privileged to be a part of. I love a good talk.
2. Toasted Shrimp Sandwiches. I love sourdough bread.
3. Babies. Especially ones with cheeeeeeks.