Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Birthdays and Beaches

Drew was at a birthday party this afternoon. The mom had hired “Mad Science” to come dazzle the kids with scientific experiments.
“I’m a little worried it could be boring” she commented a week ago.
“Have you ever gone to a Mad Science demo?” I asked.
“No. But I read their brochure. It could be fun…”
“It will be great. The kids will absolutely love it. My oldest two often went to their after school clubs and totally enjoyed it. Don’t worry, it definitely won’t be boring” I promised.
“Hi guys!” I said as I arrived to pick up Drew and Eric after the party was over. “How was it?”
“Everything went well?” I asked the mom.
“Come here” she said as she walked into the family room.
“See that?” she pointed to the floor. “The scientist had an accident and lit my carpet on fire.”

Yes, I could see that.

On the drive home, that’s all the boys could talk about.
“She did some great fire tricks.”
“Yeah. When she added that stuff to make the flame red? That was so cool.”
“Or when she put the flames in the cup and…”
“Yeah, and when…”
“But the best part was when she said it was a fake fire, but then the flaming drops fell on the floor and the carpet started to burn and we all yelled at her, “Real fire. Real fire. Real fire!…”

Three wonderful things about summer:
1.Evenings at the beach
3.Driving the strip in White Rock with the windows rolled down, the rap music cranked up and having three boys making moves with the beat, calling out to all the pedestrian traffic like they own the place.

Crappy part of summer:
1.Huh. Can’t think of one.

Thanks for dropping by. I’ve posted a few pics of my boys at the beach. If you want to see the image clearer, just double click on it.
And yes. I had a hard time watching Clint do a back flip off a piling at the end of the pier. At least the water was deep enough. One of his friends jumped off the dock nearer the shore and the water was only waist deep.
Real dumb. Real dumb. Real dumb.
There are some angels out there putting in a whole lotta overtime.

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