Monday, July 12, 2004

Friday Fun

“We’ve got the afternoon to ourselves, Drew. Where’d ya wanna go?”
(I was a teensy bit apprehensive giving him an open ended question like that. Maybe he'd want to go mountain biking. Or sky diving. Or sigh, golfing...)

“Art Knapps.”

“The garden centre?”

“Yup. It’s so cool there. Can we bring Matthew?”

“To a garden centre?”

“Ah huh. He’ll love it.”

“You want to go to the garden centre way over on the other side of Surrey? It’ll take at least 45 minutes to get there. And then another 45 to get back…”

“Yeah. Nan took me there the other day. It’s my favourite place to go.”

“Well. Phone Matt and see if he wants to spend the afternoon at a garden centre. Don’t be hurt if he doesn’t want to come.”

“Oh he’ll come all right. I’ll tell him how great it is.”

Art Knapps on the King George Hwy is a hobby centre as well as a garden centre. Trains are their specialty.

Amazing displays are set up in their yard. If you have a 2 – 10 year old son, drop by and have a peak.

They also have small farm animals there, for sale.

For pets, I guess.

Drew wants a rooster. “It’s my best friend, mom. Look how it follows me. I call him my little buddy. See. He loves me. Please mom. He’s so cute.”

When I explain as tenderly as possible that a rooster would not be a welcome addition to our neighbourhood, he bends down to chat with his best buddy, “I’m sorry, lil guy. My mom says no. But I’ll come and visit you all summer…”
I guess we'll be spending a few more afternoons at Art's.

How easy is that?
Nuttin' scary 'bout raising boys.


Three things I love:
1. Fans. In bedrooms. At night.
2. New socks.
3. Knowing that God's got a plan for me.

Something that I don't love:
Plants with prickles

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Take care -

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