Monday, July 5, 2004

Out with Drew

“That’s a bad place” Drew declares.
“Right mom?” He questions a second later.

Him and I are walking around the neighbourhood for exercise. Well, I’m walking for exercise. He’s riding his bike and is along for a talk. Having him on his bike is painful. He has to go slow, so he zig zags back and forth on the sidewalk, bumping into me every few minutes as he loses balance. It’s annoying. But the only remedy would be for me to pick up the pace and jog. We’ve discovered that I’m unable to jog, breathe normal, carry on a conversation and be nice at the same time. So, for the time being, I’ll get bruised legs while we walk and talk.

“Right mom?” he repeats.
“What are you talking about?” I ask. His chatter twists all over the place. One minute we’re talking about rubber’s ability to get cold, and then he comments on how much easier it would be if his dad lived in the same house as us. Now he was saying something about a bad place?
“There. That building. It’s not good, right?”
I look at the church he’s pointing at.
“Why would you say it’s bad?”
“Because that’s where they talk about people. And say things they shouldn’t. It’s not good to talk about people behind their back. That’s a sin or something, isn’t it?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Isn’t that what that word means? Talking and saying mean things?”
I read the sign. Langley Gospel Hall.
“Drew talking about people is called gossip. Gos. Sip. - Gos. Pel is the word of God. That’s a church. They talk about God and Jesus in there.”
“Oh. Well they kinda sound the same. Hey, have you seen Sandy’s house on Sponge Bob? How long do you think we could live underwater in a bubble house?
“I dunno. I guess as long as the bubble keeps getting filled with air.”
“She has a huge, I mean HUGE tree in her bubble. Trees make air don’t they? Would one tree make enough air for one person do you think? Can Matthew come over tomorrow? I hurt my knee yesterday. Here. Look. It’s getting better though. I had to make a deal with a girl at school. I hope she forgets it next year. Who do you think my teacher will be next year? Do you have any water left? My throat is dry…”

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Conversation
2. Used Book Stores
3. Water bottles

One thing I'm not so thankful for:
Cellophane straw wrappers from juice boxes.

Thot for the day: "It's your heart, not the dictionary that gives meaning to your words." (From The Message. Peterson.)

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Anonymous said...

your Drew sounds sweet.