Saturday, August 14, 2004

"heaven let your light shine down..."

I have a writer’s meeting in 9 hours. I want to have something significant on paper before I go. Sleeping for a few hours before the sun rises might be an idea too.
If these tears would just stop falling…

My friend, who has had more than her share of pain this past year, is going through some kind of hell right now. Her eleven year old daughter was abducted and assaulted yesterday. Thank God she was dropped off alive.

Drew is struggling with anger, fear and loss of innocence.

I’m ready for heaven. Jesus can come now.
Isn’t that mansion in the sky ready yet?

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Anonymous said...

I heard about the abduction and sexual abuse on an eleven year old while driving home from the lake. I said out loud in my car, "That man should be shot". I didn't know why I felt so strongly about this particular abduction but I couldn't get that little girl off my mind all day. And then that evening I learned it was someone who played with my grandchildren, I am angry, how could anyone hurt a little child. Also, how much does one family have to endure, it's beyond understanding. I pray God gives
her family wisdom and I pray for you and especially for Drew that a healing will come.