Tuesday, August 31, 2004


I saw my first “Foreign Film” tonight.
It had sub-titles.
I just might be growing up.

Based on the historical legend of China's first emperor - the same tale that inspired Chen Kaige's "The Emperor and the Assassin" - "Hero" is a wild and lovely fantasia: a feast of lavish visuals and a heart-stopping explosion of cinema pyrotechnics and fight choreography that, in scene after scene, leaves you almost breathless.

Or so they say.

I was impressed, but to say I was breathless would be a gross exaggeration.
However, it did motivate me to -
- take pictures of raindrops…
- wear (loose-fitting layers of light) clothing that dances in the slightest of breezes…
- try applying eye liner in such a way that it lifts the corners of my aging droopy wrinkled eyes…
- sign up for a Martial Arts class so that I too can walk on water, soar above the trees and not bleed when stabbed through the stomach…

The fight choreography looked like a future Olympic event: synchronized fencing.

I fear true “art” is sometimes lost on me. It’s a burden being this shallow.

Three things I’m thankful for:
1. A cool breeze through the open window on my face while I’ve got my hands in hot soapy water, doing the dishes.
2. Every single one of my kids’ friends.
3. The way the sun peaked out today after a week of unending rain.

Thought for the day:
Take the gentle path. George Herbert


(To annonymous who was wondering what “Don’t tie your shoes in a melon patch” is all about, I’ve interpreted it to mean; if the farmer is protecting his prize melons with a shotgun, don’t go into his patch, teasing him by bending over and fiddling with your laces. He’s liable to shoot your ass off. You just plain look guilty.)
Of course, it could mean something else entirely.

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