Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Do's and Don't's

Do: Celebrate September. Find a reason to be happy summer is over; dwell on it.
Don't: Procrastinate
Do: Rock ‘n roll in the privacy of your home or car.
Don't: Worry about other people looking at you like you are on crack.
Do: See a movie that makes you cry. Princess Diaries 2 will do the trick if you are a sap.
Don't: Worry. I’ve got that covered. You just go on and enjoy life.
Do: Realize and be thankful for all you have.
Don't: Be preachy.
Do: Call when you say you will.
Don't: say “Just Kidding” after a slam.
Do: Rectify
Don't: Prejudge.
Do: Recommend books.
Don't: Take drugs. Unless your doctor says you should. Then don’t stop taking them.
Do: Listen to the rain.
Don't: Gossip.
Do: Tune in to The Apprentice this Thursday. Then let’s talk about it.
Don't: Forget to floss.
Do: Chew sugarless gum. It's better for you.
Don't: Bitch too much. We're all entitled to our rants, but don't abuse that.
Do: Wear sunglasses. (Or do you like eye wrinkles?)
Don’t: Assume everyone agrees with you.
Do: Let someone know you care.
Don’t: Ignore the dust bunny behind your dresser. He’ll just keep growing.
Do: Turn off the bathroom light when you’re done.
Don't: Stop believing.

That last one was a double negative.
I’d rather end on a positive note…Let’s see -
Do: Know that someone loves your smile. Don’t hide it.

Three things I’m thankful for:
1. The ping pong table in the front hall. A handy surface to place all our stuff when we walk in the door. Every home should have one.
2. Bedding plant season is over. No more watering. Or worrying about watering. Or feeling guilty about not watering. Or asking neighbours to water. Or watering in the middle of the night on “off” days because I forgot to do it on the days I was allowed to.
3. Office supply stores. Multi coloured file folders. PaperMate pens. (The white ones, with blue caps.) Desktop electric pencil sharpeners. Sharp scissors that make that sound when snipping. And of course, coil-bound lined notebooks.

If the world didn’t suck, we’d fall off.

Take care,

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