Saturday, September 25, 2004

Garage Sale Thoughts

Three things I hate about garage sales:
1. Having strangers criticize your "treasures" and then offer to take it off your hands "fer a buck". How insulting.
2. Having strangers handle your sale items disrespectfully. What's with that? Why break it?
3. Seeing items bought with love and cared for with joy scattered over the driveway begging for someone to take them home. They looked pathetic and vulnerable. And worse was at the end of the day, when no one wanted them. Off to the orphanage they go...

Yes. I have issues.
I know I called it junk... but, I have great memories of the excitement buying it, the anticipation bringing it home, and the satisfaction of decorating with it.

Deep cleansing breath... "Let it go"...
Another piece of my past, slipping away.
Bye bye heart and house blanket. So long Attic Babies. Farewell wooden house collection. May you bring colour and warmth to the owners of your new home.

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