Tuesday, September 14, 2004


We were at Chapters on Saturday night, just browsing.
Max, Zac and Drew took off for the Humour Section, while I hung out in the gift-ware area.
Half hour later, I find the boys trying out a product. It’s a heart shaped answer box. You ask it a yes or no question, shake the heart, then it glows red as it verbally replies to your query.

I walk up behind them unnoticed and listen to them discuss the future with this gimmicky device.
“Will mom find true love again?” Max asks.

Is that normal?
Shouldn’t they be wondering about the Canuck’s season? Or the escalating price of gas? Or whether the weapons of mass destruction will ever be uncovered? Or if Brittany will really marry that Kevin guy?
Its just not right that they are wasting precious enlightened answers on questions regarding my love life.

In church on Sunday, I tried to encourage Drew to go to “Jr. Church” with all the other kids that left half way through the service. He wasn’t having none of that. They changed the program and he noticed that his two favourite male teachers weren’t heading out, so neither was he.
“I’ll be good” he promised.
“I just want to be with you.” He added.
I would have rather he left. After all, the kids service is geared for kids. The regular service would be ‘over his head’. I doubted he’d even listen. But I wasn’t up for a huge whisper fight in the middle of the aisle, so I let him stay.
He settled in and started to doodle on the back of the bulletin.
The pastor starts preaching and is very passionate about the new theme he’ll be teaching on this fall, “The Church on the Move”.
Drew snaps his head up and reads the overhead.
“Oh. Move.”
“What?” I ask
“Church on the MOVE. I thought he said we were going to be a church on the MOON. Now that would have been something.”
I started to laugh, so I ducked my head.
He broke out in a giggle too.
It took a few minutes for the smirking to end.
“Good thing I didn’t go to Jr. Church, hey mom? We wouldn’t have been able to share that funny moment. That was special.” He reached over and squeezed my hand.

Don’t know why Max thinks I need more. I’ve got all the true love a woman could want.

Three things I’m thankful for:
1. Kids that are thrilled with their school circumstances this fall. Yay.
2. I can see the wood surface of my dining room table again. Yay. I dealt with 187 pieces of paper today.
3. The improvement in Clint’s driving. Yay.

Thought for the day:
Fat gives things flavour. Julia Child Yay Julia!

Take care,

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