Tuesday, September 21, 2004


So this got me thinking.
How much snow does a snowboarder really need?
Obviously, (speaking from observation) snowboarders (at least 17 – 23 year old male ones) can be ecstatically content for one afternoon with a hillside, a ramp, and 5 garbage cans worth of man-made snow.
They are boarders and they spent the afternoon boarding.
It satisfied the longing in their souls to whoosh on wet, cold, white stuff.
Clearly, the ultimate goal would be unlimited access to God-made snow on a mountain-top resort.
But circumstances (technically it’s still summer) dictate that now, during this season, snowboarders will have to be happy with snippets of fulfilment, and spend the rest of the time preparing for and dreaming of winter.

How much music does a hard-core Christian rocker really need?
If Creationfest is the ultimate music experience, and it happens only once a year… I guess rockers can get their ‘highs’ from smaller live concerts; like moshing with TFK in the parking lot at House of James. Or groovin’ with Blindside at the CCC.
Little live shows will satisfy the longing in their souls to rock n roll.

How much love does a person need?
If unconditional intimacy is the ultimate love experience, and it happens only a few times during the average marriage… what can people do who have that longing in their soul?

What would be the relational equivalent to checking out three different ice rinks’s parking lots looking for zambonied ice? Then shovelling it into five garbage cans? Then dragging pre-made jumps, boxes and rails to the bottom of a hill? Then extending the ‘life of the snow’ by adding arborite sheets to the hillside? Then using shovels and strapping to get a bigger push off the top? Then doing it all over again, by snapping out of your bindings, removing your board and walking back up?

How many years would a boarder be OK with repeating that again and again, and never making it up to Seymour? Would the ecstasy wear off eventually? Would all the fun get sucked out if it looked unlikely you’d get the chance to actually board on a real mountain?

The boys were thrilled to work their buns off making a small scale jump. But they know winter is around the corner and in less than 2 months they’ll be on some mountain top smiling like fools as adrenaline rushes through their veins. Knowing how effortless it will be to board then, they are prepared to work hard now, as a team, each of them taking a turn shovelling, pulling, recording and most importantly; encouraging.

Somehow I think that’s important. The working together as a team part. The encouraging each other part. And the hope for easier future shared experiences part.

Oh. My. Goodness.
Who woulda thought I could make an afternoon of wannabe boarding into a metaphor for marriage?
No, this is not about me…
A friend (third one this summer) just called and her marriage is over. So in addition to worrying about unemployment, motor vehicle accidents, weight issues and fundraising, I’ve got broken marriages on my mind.
And if I’ve got something on my mind, it eventually slips down my arms and off my fingertips onto the keyboard. Sooner or later it’ll find it’s way onto the monitor in your home.
Sorry about that…

Please... I don't want any more friends' marriages ending. Do whatever it takes. Borrow arborite from my dad; he's got a barnful. Buy a snow-making machine. Build a jump. Plan. Play. Laugh. Work hard. Encourage each other. But mostly dream...
Do whatever it takes to keep that love alive.

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Anonymous said...

Haven't looked at the site for awhile...spending a bit this afternoon to be inspired...thanks!!

This one made me cry...and re-commit...think I need to invest in arborite stocks.

Thanks for writing!!