Thursday, September 16, 2004

TV Night

Doncha love Thursday nights?
Man. Talk about great TV.

Survivor. Then a super-sized Apprentice. Yee haw. Bring on couch potato status. I’m so in.

Can we talk?
Survivor: -that FBI guy is kinda cute.
-the older gal with the knee replacement is going to be in trouble.
-my heart went out to the guy who couldn’t do the balance beam.

-is it my imagination, or is there a bit of tension amongst the players to be the next Rob and Amber as well as win the game? Talk about added pressure.
-one guy learned how to swim 6 weeks before the show started? Right.
-and whoa! 20 months after losing his lower leg to cancer, he shows up to play Survivor? Inspirational.

Apprentice…I missed the season opener last week cuz I was at meetings all night. No matter, I’m a quick learner. Looks like they chose a bunch of clones from season one to play the game this season. Didja notice how that one chick looks just like Amy? And how another one coulda been Katrina’s twin? Hhhmpph. Guess if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Regardless, I love that show.
Can we talk?
… Red Velvet would have been a better flavour. The idea of adding soggy donut lumps to ice cream is kinda gross. I’m from the mindset that ice cream should be s-m-o-o-t-h, rich, and, well, velvety.
…I think Ivana should have been fired. Come on - she lost a cart for three hours. That’s unacceptable. And I agree with Carolyn (yeesh, she’s touchy about the Carolyn/ Caroline thing) those girls could have made more of an effort to dress more appropriately for selling ice cream. Formal attire was completely out of place. They could have added “fun” to their booth with balloons, clowns, music… some sort of gimmick. The guy’s bows ties were an innovative costuming idea. Good on them.
… Bradford should not have been fired. I do not agree with The Trumpster that his decision to forego immunity was stoooopid. I think it was, like he said, a show of support for his team. And he was, by far, the strongest sales person on the team.
…Stacie is not this season’s Omarosa. Looks like they’re going to try and make her out to be, but I don’t see it.
…the girl with the short black hair has potential.

I am so motivated to learn how to set my VCR. For the next five weeks I’m taking a photography class on Thursday nights. How excellent would it be to come home after learning tricks to taking better pictures, and then watch 2 shows without commercials? It’d be like, awesome man. Totally cool.

Wanna come over? It’d be fun.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Trees. Especially the ones that change colours one branch at a time. Good one, God. Liked the way you made some trees do that.

2. That I live in the Pacific North West not the Atlantic South East.

3. Chapter's called. Despite me being the last (LAST!) one to finish the exams (they sent the janitor to clean up the chairs and I was still double checking my addition), the store manager asked me to come in and have a 'one on one' with him. Hopefully this interview will take place in an area more private that the 'mystery' section in the back of the store.

Not so thankful about:

Filling out my passport application I stopped at "Weight" and just couldn't go back to it.


"Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone."

Gladys Browne Stern

Take care,

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