Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween

Three things: Posted by Hello
1. All 3 of my children have their bodies still intact after a weekend of playing with explosives.
2. I have a job.
3. Tomorrow is craft night.

Max just popped by my desk, wearing his boxers and new Led Zepplin t-shirt. (Whoa. Long legs on that child.)
"It glows in the dark."
"What does?"
"My shirt. This part, here. The lantern. It glows. Do you know how cool that is?"
"Very cool?"
"Do you know how long it's been since I've had a glow in the dark t-shirt? A long time. I love this shirt."
"Life is good, eh?"
"Very good. Too good. Everything is fantastic."
"Downhill from here?"
"Yeah. It can't stay this good. Somethings gotta happen. I can feel it."
"Don't be silly."
"No really. I really like everything about my life. It's awesome. That can't last long. Something has to blow," he says as he heads back up to his darkend room where he can resume glancing at his glowing t.
"Max. You are a beloved child of the creator of the universe. He's not out to get you. He loves you. And He delights in your happiness. Quit being a retard."

He comes back into the family room. "Yeah. I know. Love ya, g'nite..."

Happy sigh...

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