Monday, October 11, 2004

What 'r the chances?

It’s dark.
The road is curvy, slippery and mostly empty. Very few folks out driving in weather like this.
I’ve got a cold and am counting the minutes til I can medicate myself again.
Max is asleep in the back seat.
Clint and Claire are following in the car behind.
Drew is waiting for me, as are Nan and Bups.
Lindell Beach is just around the corner. We’re almost home. The cottage is two minutes away.
As I round another bend, I see 2 sets of headlights in the other lane.
After flicking back to low beam my headlights illuminate a fallen tree, right across the entire road.
I slam on my brakes and hope that Claire is interpreting this as “Oh. She’s screeching to a dead stop, not just slowing down…”
Mathematically speaking, what are the odds that two vehicles, on a lonely stretch of highway, traveling in opposite directions, would pass by each other at the exact same spot where a tree is lying? Despite my superhuman brake application skills, I am unable to stop in time. In the other lane, the other driver is dealing with the same issues. Dead tree in front of him. Car right behind him.

We both hit the rotten tree at exactly the same moment from two different directions and snap that baby real good.
I wait for the inevitable crunch from behind. But our angels have been working overtime, and Claire manages to slide to a stop before smooching with the back end of my Durango.

All four vehicles are fine. No one is hurt.
But that tree is toast.

The next night I stayed in.
Played Yahtzee and Skip Bo.
And won.
Which is an extremely rare occurrence. Mathematically speaking, the odds of me winning at a game are about as likely as two vehicles, travelling in opposite directions, hitting a…

Well you get the point. I shoulda been in Vegas. Luck was so on my side this Thanksgiving.

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