Thursday, December 2, 2004

Ho Ho Ho

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On Tuesday night I found him in my room, on my bed, writing something.
"You should be sleeping, sweets. What're you up to?"
"Making my Christmas lists."
"Oh. That's a good idea. Nan was wondering what you wanted. But, really hon, you need to go to bed."
"No, this list isn't what I want. I'm writing a list of what I'm buying for everyone".
It's Christmas and he's excited about what he can buy his family and friends.
He went shopping on Wednesday night, armed with his list and $100. My mom met him at the mall.
"I don't want to shop for your present with you standing 2 feet away from me pretending you're not watching."
It took him less than one hour. He referred to his list, knew which stores he needed to shop at, had budgeted his alotted money, and was done in 53 minutes. Efficient.
By the time he went to bed, he had all the gifts wrapped with bright paper and labeled with gift tags he had made himself.

I am SO raising him right.
Yay me.

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JSY said...

Yay you, Janey. You're doing AWESOME. What a great kid...keep up the good work. xoxo jenzy