Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Resolutions

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New Year’s Resolutions

1. Wake up happy. Regardless.
2. Speak gently. Unless someone is in danger.
3. Walk softly. Just kidding. Walk daily.
4. Eat less. Or more… depending on the food group.
5. Stop smoking. Had to put an easy one in.
6. Watch all 66 episodes of WestWing available on DVD. Had to put a fun one in.
7. Buy reading glasses. Oy. I’m old.
8. Read the Bible, cover to cover in 2005.
9. Sponsor another child.
10. Have a mammogram.
11. Floss more often.
12. Let the small stuff go.
13. Define small stuff.
14. Remember the good times.
15. Lose the attitude.
16. Pray more.
17. Buy new bras before the old ones disintegrate.
18. Live within my means.
19. Kick it up a notch. Spices are our friends.
20. Empower the boys to reach their full house-cleaning potential.
21. Take down Christmas decorations before the next stat holiday.
22. Keep hands moisturized.
23. Love unconditionally.
24. Weed gardens regularly. Smile when doing so.
25. Dream. Encourage. Believe. Indulge. Be.
26. Put words on the walls.
27. Share. Play. Laugh.
28. Forgive them. Again.
29. Aggressively pursue sweetness.
30. Quit being afraid.

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Christine said...

I haven't even made New Years resolutions. So while you're at the mall, would you mind picking up some dental floss, and a new bra for me. As for the size, just something for your average 47-year-old-going-on-50, you know -- just big. No lace, just industrial strength straps. No underwire, I need to breath. And with being so out of shape, I need all the oxygen I can get. Oh yeah, and reading glasses. I can't remember to buy those either.