Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Top Ten List

Favorite Christmas '04 Memories Posted by Hello

(OK, OK. Technically these are Boxing Day highlights. Dec 25 was a complete write off. I did the teetotalers version of drunken debauchery on Christmas Day - slept til noon, stayed in my robe the rest of the day, ate chocolates and Ichiban Noodle Soup then listened to the rain fall. If you ever need help throwing a pity party, give me a call. I'm an expert.)

10. Driving around the lake. My favorite place to operate a motor vehicle. Once I get on the wiggle curves, all tension slips out of my body with a sigh. Seeing the gate wide open always makes me feel welcome as I pull into the yard.
9. Smelling the turkey as I enter the cottage. Listening to my bro-in-law welcome my kids with a Randy Quaid-like silliness set the tone for the rest of the afternoon.
8. Being invited to join my kids and their cousins on a walk up the trail and through the woods. I felt priveldged that they allowed me to go along.
7. Enjoying a delicous, balanced home cooked meal not prepared by my hands. Nothing tastes better than turkey gravy on anything.
6. Being a part of the laid back, after dinner conversations between three generations.
5. Watching the men in the family cheerfully do all the dishes and clean-up.
4. Playing games with my mom, sister, bro-in-law, cousin, nephew...til late into the night.
3. Sleeping in then waking to the scent of bacon cooking. Coming downstairs and seeing the rest of my not-so-lazy family making breakfast, with smiles on their faces.
2. Having the place totally to myself for 24 hours after everyone else left. Tried to make my time there worthwhile, so I did alot of praying and Bible reading. Had my own twisted version of a Spiritual Retreat...
1. And the best thing? I got some fantastic kick ass photos this afternoon.

If there's anything that can keep my mind off of missing my kids, it's the opportunity to see the world through a beat up camera lens.

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