Sunday, January 2, 2005

Hey mom -

Happy Birthday Posted by Hello
Happy Birthday mom.
Thank you for giving me life.
Thank you for being my friend.
Your never-ending encouragement, unconditional love, unwavering support and constant prayers are an inspiration to me. You are an awesome parent, a creative artist, a wise business person, a generous grandma and a faithful wife.

I hope this year will bring you all that your heart longs for. You’ve been patient, and it’s finally your turn; may your new home be filled with joy and laughter and new furniture.

Love you,

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Anonymous said...

What a way to start my old age!!!!!!!!!! with tears. I don't deserve such a beautiful tribute. I have been blessed beyond words in my life, and you have been there for two thirds of it. You have not only been my daughter, but also my friend, business partner, encourager, prayer partner, and an inspiration to me on how you live your life.
Love you,