Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hot or Cold?

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While shivering on our walk from the hotel to the coffee shop in Harrison, Mandi asked, “Do you think it’s better to be too hot or too cold”?
I have no memory of what my reply was a few weeks ago, but today I boldly say, “It is better to be cold.”

I know this for a fact.

Last weekend I was in vacationing in -32 degree weather. It was chilly. On my cheeks and nasal passages.
Denise and I went on a few photo-walks. I wore jeans, boots, a sweat shirt and vest, with my boarding jacket (outer shell, no liner) unzipped. I wore a scarf and toque the first day. The second day I didn’t bother with the toque. Got enough hair on my head to keep it well insulated. On my hands I had a 20 year old pair of loosely knit mittens, which made taking pictures tricky…so my hands were bare often. (Oh, and, on my bones I have about 347 pounds of fat.)

Today it was 18 degrees. (That’s a 50 degree temperature fluctuation in 72 hours. Can’t be a healthy situation.) Overcast with a balmy breeze. I wore the lightest pants I own, a pair of (shudder) trouser socks, and a short sleeve blouse. I was cooking. Baking. Melting.

I was friggin HOT. Even my feet were on fire.
However, I work with tiny little skinny people who walk around shivering, wearing gloves and scarves in the office, while warming their fingers over cups of coffee.
My desk is situated directly under the heating vent, thus - hot air blows on me all day.

Because I work for a Christian organization, taking off my clothes is simply not an option.

But in my own home I can wear or not wear what ever I want.
As soon as the youth group currently meeting in my living room, leaves tonight… I’m gonna get comfortable.

Don’t drop by.

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ramblin'andie said...

I totally agree...especially since temperatures totally subjective. I mean, those ladies you work with probably think it's freezing in your office. But at least if it WAS freezing, they could add layers. When it's hot you can only take off so much...and sometimes you're still hot, plus totally inappropriately indecent. Hot only works at the beach.