Thursday, January 27, 2005


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He's tall and lanky. His growth spurt was impressive last year... the "fat Elvis" stage is a thing of the past.
At Sun Peaks he landed on his bum and ended up injuring his tailbone. Even though he wears his pants low enough that he wouldn't need to drop them for a doctor, he refused medical attention. Despite the intense pain, he's been going to school as per usual, with a pocket full of Advil for when the discomfort becomes too great.
I did write him a note, to give to his PE teacher, excusing him from participating in the class activities for a week or so. He went to the arena with his class, but sat in the stands, listening to his MP3 player, while everyone else was on the rink.
When I picked the guys up afterschool, Max slowly lowered himself into the front seat with a huge grin on his face.
"How was school?"
"Fantastic. We had iceskating today."
"Did you skate?"
"No. I was a babe magnet instead."
"I was just sitting there, trying to listen to my music and one of the girls came by to talk to me. Then another one. And 'nother one."
From the backseat, "It's true Mrs. O. I was playing hockey, and I looked up and there was Max, completed surrounded by all the girls. Never seen anything like it before."
"Yeah. They, like, flocked around me. Like seagulls. On a fry. AND I WAS THAT FRY!"

He just got home. He was at WalMart with his friends, the backseat boys.
He was excited about his evening's gifts, (belated birthday presents) "Look at this great hat."
It is black leather with ear flaps and a zippered pocket on the front above the rim. It looks particularly striking when accompanied with his other new fashion accessory; the plasticized replica WWE championship wresting belt. In his hand was a new bright orange cap gun.

He looks like a really really big three year old.

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