Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A rose by any other name...

“Jordan? Why Jordan?” my partner asked me today at work.
“Well, I don’t like to use real names on my blog unless I’ve got permission. Or at least implied approval.”
“You use your kids’ real names, don’t you?”
“Yeah. But I try to get their OK before I post a story about them.”
“But why Jordan? Why’d you pick that name? Do I look like a Jordan?”
“No. It’s just that it’s close to your actual name…”
“Well, I think if you’re going to write about me, I should at least be able to pick my own fake name.”
“Do you want a photo too?”
“Yeah. E-mail me a nice picture of you. How about the Christmas one? Blue shirt. Orange tie.”
Few minutes later…
“OK. It’s sent.”
“Alright. What name did you want me to call you?”

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