Wednesday, February 2, 2005

7th Heaven

My computer is no longer on the premises. Bits and pieces are strewn all over town, with a number of experts looking into it's issues. It's future does not look promising. I've been advised to look into burial plots and headstones.

Clint has generously allowed me 10 minutes of internet access twice a day on his machine.

I feel like I've just experienced an emergency amputation. And a prosthetic limb is out of the question financially right now. So, I'll hobble on one leg and use crutches until I win a lottery.

Blogging and e-mail communication might have to take a back seat to phone calls and hand-written journalling. I'm thinking there was a spiritual battle taking place over my computer usage. As is typical with me, I have no idea who won.

With the kids all being grounded from the TV for 2 weeks (their dad stepped in and put his size 12 foot down), AND with our computer out of commission - I anticipate an interesting fortnight ahead. Moren likely we'll go through a zillion batteries for their gameboys.

One thing I've done two nights in a row, now that I can't surf blogs, is watch TV in my bedroom from 11pm til midnight. My remote control doesn't work (what does work around here?) so I've been watching whatever is on the current channel. It's been "7th Heaven". Have you ever watched? It's like The Waltons in the 90's. I'm hooked.

She is such a perfect patient mom. With a perm, I could have her exact hairdo.
I have found my new role model. Mrs. Camden... the new June Cleaver.

Ooops. Time's up. Gotta go.

Take care,

(PS. I'm not having a lot of luck accessing my shaw account. If you want to get in touch with me, use my hotmail address. Just don't send any big fancy animated files.) G'nite.

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