Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Blog This

He asked me today. I was wondering when he would.
"So Jane. What's you blog's address?"
I wasn't sure I wanted to tell him. After all, I post such intensely personal thoughts here. I'm not sure I want him to have access to my brain in that way.
When I stalled, he started searching.
First he googled "blogs".
I was getting nervous. I told him I don't use my real name; to give it up - he wouldn't find me.
When he got to blogger.com and created his own blog, I got all panicky.
He did a word search, typing in the word "Arrow" assuming correctly I'd post something about work.
While he was single-mindedly hunting for my blog, I quickly logged on and deleted my most recent story about him, "The Newlyweds".
Knowing that he was not going to give up (and consequently not get any real work done) I gave him my blog address.

He started to read "Forward from my sister" but it didn't seem to catch his attention. I scrolled him down to the pic I posted of him and Lois Lane. That sparked his interest.

A few minutes before lunch, he rolled the big red exercise ball into the doorway directly in front of my desk. "Watch this. This is good."
He climbed onto the ball and tried to balance on top like a circus bear. Have I mentioned he is well over 6 feet tall?
I glanced his way a few times wondering what the point of his performance was.
"Hey!" he said, getting me to look. "Blog this! Now this is interesting."

Superman - this one's for you.

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Christine said...

Uh...yeah. Got a few guys around here at TWU like that. You just have to love them. They never change. Always cute little boys. Gotta luv them.

Auntie Chris (Jane's friend and member of same writine group)