Sunday, February 27, 2005

Digital Canon Rebel Posted by Hello

”This is so exciting. I’m glad you guys are here. Makes it even more special.”
“You aren’t going to cry are you mom? She cried yesterday,” Max says to his brothers. “And she didn’t even know the guy who died.”
“You cried yesterday mom?” Drew looks concerned.
“Yeah. We were watching Orange County Choppers and next thing I know, she’s crying.”
“OCC? That made you cry? How come?”
“They made a bike for a guy who was a painter and a biker, and he died, so they gave it to his wife. I mean widow. It just seemed sad.”
“You can cry for people you don’t even know?”

Sucks having PMS

I’ve spent the evening with my new purchase and the owner’s manual.
Know what?
It’s pert-near impossible to read a manual and watch TV at the same time.
Unless I perch the new reading goggles on the tip of my nose.
Then, of course, it’s easy. All I gotta do is tuck my double chin into one of my neck rolls and peer at the TV over the frames. Then, during a commercial or boring thank you speech, I tilt my head slightly back and lift the reading material up into my line of vision and try to decipher techno-eeze.

Sucks getting old.

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