Monday, February 7, 2005

A fun thing

If you take all the letters of your name and mix them up, whadda ya get?
If you're my oldest son (and you use all the letters in his first, two middle, and last name) you get: I'm an ethical economic repellent.
or, shaken up again: Hell! I am an electric omnipotence.
Or jiggle those alphabets again: I am the inclement, colonial creep.
Or: Political menace. Inclement hero.

Son number 2: O man! I am well. Excel!
Allow me man, I excel.
Welcome, ill axeman.
Or: Ace a lemon, mix well.

Poor Drew... when I mixed up his letters I got: I'm worm-like, advanced dear.

And me? I'm a clean, lone, mean jeer.
Or: Rejoice! Mean 'n lean male...

My sister: Jokeless or nun-like ape. (I threw her maiden name in to make it interesting.)

Jenn from my writing group: Joys of sunny remembering.

There are two ways of playing this fun game.
1. Print out all the letters in your name and try to figure out interesting word combinations.
2. Click over to and let them do the work for you. (You simply type your name into the empty box where it says "Text to be anagrammed" then click on "Generate Anagrams")

I downloaded the free trial version (after fiddling around with the sample) and wasted my 10 practice names. Don't waste your 10 free searches.

What's your name? See if I can figger it out... just leave me an annonymous comment with your mixed up version in it.

Take care,

"The universe is made of stories, not atoms."
Muriel Rukeyser

Scary. I just typed in the name of my lovely community. It came back: "My rural evil", and my favorite summer festival..."Fat erections".



Anonymous said...

I used my full name including my maiden name."An inane and a helmless junk" Dad's was "steel spanker".
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

My husband: "Win menially warm dear"
and me: "Serenely Rabid Anathema" OR with my maiden name: "Healthier hen and as able"


Anonymous said...

Davey is Man Darned Driveway!!

Anonymous said...

"sweet prayer" is mine if I don't use my middle name.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Paul Martin's is - INPUT ALARM