Thursday, February 10, 2005


It’s Lent today.
I was thinking bout giving up chocolate but my mom brought me a big Purdy’s heart, so I ate it.
Maybe I’ll give up guava and squash instead.

My mom also brought over a roast beef dinner complete with roast potatoes, glazed carrots, corn, shrimp salad, and gravy.
Don’t you wish you had a mom like mine?

Anyway, getting back to the Lent thing… I’m thinking I’d like to do something more significant this year than just give up a favourite food.
Jesus gave up His life for me, surely I can do something to signify my appreciation and acceptance of his gift?

In church on Sunday, there was a hand-out in the bulletin with suggestions on how to enrich your spiritual lives on each of the 40 days of the Lenten season.
I’ve taken their ideas and personalized them abit:
(Feel free to borrow from my list. Adjust where necessary.)

Pray for people I normally don’t pray for. Let’s say 10. Ten people.
Send God an e-mail.
Don’t buy anything during a 24 hour period. Nothing. Nada.
Spend 3 hours being silent.
Take a completely gratuitous walk. Listen to worship songs on walkman.
Be intentionally nice to my bosses. (I’ll give them homemade Valentine cards.)
Look for beauty where I haven’t found it before. (…my yard.)
Phone Fast: Unplug my phone for 24 hours. (A more significant sacrifice would be to unplug my computer. But I was without it all last week…)
Read the book of John.
Send a note of appreciation to my pastor.
Take a photo of something that reminds me of God’s love.
Spend some time with Drew, doing what ever he wants.
Spend time with Max, doing whatever he wants.
Spend time with Clint doing whatever he wants. (He will view this time together as a punishment of course)
Do 3 RASKs (Random Acts of Spontaneous Kindness)
Plant primroses by the front door.
Go to bed by 11 pm one night.
Watch The Passion
Read the new Ted Dekker book.
Spend one day fasting, eating only plain rice and water.
Prepare a meal for someone other than my family.
Make a list of 100 things I’m thankful for.
Plant a tree in memory of the cross.
Spend a day looking after myself.
Reach out to someone who has slipped from my life.
Do something ‘just for fun’.
Memorize a Psalm.
Plan not to dread prayer time at work.
Look at the stars and appreciate how big our world is.
Hand over an issue to God. Let Him handle it. Wait in faith for results.

Officially there are 40 days of Lent, but on the 30th day I’m leaving for Europe.
Not knowing what to expect on this trip, I won’t pre-plan any Lent activities, other than give up sex.
Just checking to see if you’re still reading.

Happy Lent, y’all…

Take care,

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