Friday, February 18, 2005


I've been fading. Way too many late nights.
Hit the sack last night at 10:30pm. Fell asleep in 20 seconds.
Max came into my room at 11:30 looking for the blowdryer. He didn't do it quietly, as he didn't expect me to be in there.
At midnight, Clint came in screaming "MOM! Where are you?" After I dropped off the ceiling he said, "You were in bed? Why? Do you know where my CD's are?"
At 2 my phone rang. Have I mentioned how much I hate my phone? The ringer has one volume; obnoxious.
It was a fax machine desperately trying to connect with my phone line.
At 4 it tried again.

Doesn't seem to matter what time I go to bed, I'm always tired.
Good thing I have a vacation coming up. Then it'll be 18 solid days of ...well, I guess more no sleep.

I looked into renting a lap top to take along. So I could, like, blog as I go. Wouldn't that be cool? Every night, instead of sleeping, I could post about my European adventure. And, if I bought myself a digital camera in the next week or two, and learn how to use it in time... I could post photos of the Eifel tower and stuff.

The teacher in charge told me to fuh get abooouuuu it. Apparently I won't have time.

No time to blog? No time to blog?


Christine said...

Oh, you'll find time. This teacher don't know you. Besides, certain slugs, like me, expect it. How else am I gonna see Europe, if not through someone else's eyes.

But truly, by faith -- here mark this down -- I too will go to Europe one day. Tee hee. And I'll blog from there. :)

ramblin'andie said...

Speaking of "no time to blog" it really true you haven't blogged in over a week? Don't you know I live for your blog postings??