Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Time for a "three things..."

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I'm thankful for:
1. The four people who love me and gave me some buckeroos to put towards my new camera. I feel spoiled and special.

2. My kids's schools. Each one is perfect for the child attending it.

3. Lower back pain and stomach cramps. YAY. No more PMS. No more crying unnecessarily.

(Oy. Tuesdays are truly my made in hell days. After a kinda crappy day where I felt I was doing nothing right, and was on the receiving end of catty comments - "You aren't even a real blonde. We all know your hair is dyed" ... I ended up at IGA at 8pm exhausted and wishing there was someone else in my house that I could send out for milk, juice, and juice boxes. (They are SO heavy to lug around.) On my way to the truck, the bag with 4L's of 2% milk slipped from my hand and smashed in the parking lot. The plastic jug split and milk gushed forth. I put the 4 litres of juice, 4 litres of chocolate milk and one dozen buns into the truck, cleaned up the milk mess and went back inside. Naturally, all the cash registers closed down except the one I had just gone through, so I stood at the back of that long line. The cashier looked up and noticed me. "Forget something?" she asked.
"Nah. Dropped the milk in the parking lot and it split open. Need to buy another one."
"Just go. Don't worry about it."
"Oh no. It was my fault. It slipped out of my hands. I'll just buy another one."
She shook her head and tilted it toward the door. "No, really, just go. Not a problem. You don't need to buy another one. It's looked after."

Damn hormones.
My eyes filled up in 3.6 seconds.
I can handle sarcasm, unkindness, hard work and spilt milk.
But treat me with compassion and I fall apart.

Take care,

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Christine said...

Dear True Blond. I know you're a blond -- you act like a blond. You think like a blond, you are a blond. Phewey on that so-and-so who said you aren't. But in the meantime, get a bag of cookies, whipped cream, and a nice cup of tea and treat yourself. Watch your favorite show and have a good cry if you darn well want to.