Friday, April 29, 2005

“Hmmm. I love the smell of bread.”
“Yeah, me too.”
“Hey Mrs. O – you should write about that in your blog.”

Smart asses. All three of them.

I told them that we’ve hooked up with Yahoo Messenger for all our interoffice non-face-to-face communication. We had been using our e-mail accounts to ‘chat’, and were told it was using up too much memory on the server.
”So, I’ll need you guys to teach me that I.M. language thing.”
“Whadda ya mean?”
“You know, all those abbreviations.”
“LOL means laugh out loud.”
“brb means be right back.”
“g2g means got to go.”
“TTYL means talk to you later.”
“cya means see ya.”
“What about UR for you are?” I asked.
“NO! Don’t ever use that. That’s just wrong.”
“All lower case with no punctuation is wrong too.”
“And spelling things phonetically is stupid. Just spell it the way it’s supposed to be.”
“Yeah. The other day someone spelled ‘my’ like ‘mi’. Tell me how that’s any quicker. You can hit the y key as easily as you hit the I key.”
“Yeah, I know dude. It’s so confusing when girls do stupid stuff like that…”
“Hey Mrs. O – looks like a good day for slurpees.”
“Nope. No time.”
“Huh? Whadda you havta do?”
“It’s a sunny day. I want to sit in the sun in the backyard.”
“You want to what?? Work on a tan??? Man, that’s wrong.”
“Yeah. Wrong.”
“Dude. I can’t believe she’s not going to buy us slurpees. It’s a perfect day…”
“I know. What’s she thinking?”

I was thinking I’d like to carve some time for myself. Just 40 minutes everyday from 3:20 – 4:00. Is that too much to ask?

We skipped the 7-11 stop, but minutes after I dropped the first batch of kids off, Drew shouts, “Mom! We have to go back to school! I forgot my French homework!”
No slurpees and no tanning time. Some days it takes an hour and a half to do a 10 kilometer commute.

The next day one of the other kids forgot something at school, so I had to turn around again.
The other day, they had to stay after school for a 20 minute catch-up thingy.

I gave up.
We bought slurpees the following day.
And I’ll go back to getting my own 40 minutes, to spend any way I want, at midnight.

Oooops. Time's up -

G2g ttyl, ttfn, CUL8R, tc

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Christine said...

Very funny. I'd like to see you knit a pair of socks. but dicing the veggies, read a book, write a blog, and drive 20 kids here and there. Yeah.