Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Versaille. It was nice.  Posted by Hello


JSY said...

I was just envisioning this sparkling clean hallway littered with toys...trains, Hot Wheels, Legos, blocks, Polly Pockets, baby toys...what was life like back then? What did the children raised in a palace such as this do for entertainment? Think how the sound effects coming from video game consoles would echo down those hallways...Bren and Kendon could rollerblade and play indoor hockey...Yaun could practice her dog show stuff...and if I could afford to live there, I'd have a full staff who would undoubtedly clean those tiled hallways with a giant Swiffer sweeper or something. Ya think? How magnificent this palace and your adventure. And I've nearly trivialized its historical significance by superimposing modern-day on its face. Yuck. Typical American.

Christine said...

This Canadian mosaic -- cultural that is -- since I'm a British Mut from Northern Ireland, says the same thing. Giant Swiffer. That's what we need.

Seriously gorgeous pic. Not only a beautiful place, but good photog.