Tuesday, May 10, 2005

All done

Yes. It is after 2 am.
Yes. I do have a job that I need to be at tomorrow morning.
Yes. I know.

But I just finished posting the last of my europe pics to my photo blog. Go have a look. If you want. (They're mostly photos of the kids... )

Y a w n n n n



Christine said...

Okay, so we were both up last night at around 2. Different reasons though. I've just reached that time of the month where my hormones kick in and I CAN'T SLEEP. Ugh. I should have gone over to your house and helped you organize your pictures. So here we both are at work, yawning trying to appear as though we are working. And, oh yeah, checking everyone's blog.

Anonymous said...

Jane the picture are great! I like the ones of the kids. Too bad about your lack of sleep. Hopefully you'll catch up when Drew leaves for college. HaHa