Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A few pics and a bit of prose

Got me some big clematis growing in the backyard. Spectacular. Posted by Hello

Hey - maybe you can help me with something...well, a few somethings:
1. Is Bryan Adams married?
2. Who is singing back up for Delirious on the 24th?
3. Have you heard the rumor that the lead guy with Swollen Members became a christian?
4. Do you know the name of a good mobile blinds cleaning service? Mine desperately need expert attention.

Thanks for helping me out. 'preciate that.

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ramblin'andie said...

Nice flowers. I love peonies and clematis.
1. Can't find anything that would suggest Bryan Adams is married. Though he did have a longtime girlfriend or something who cruised around on the back of his motorbike in Britland with him.
2. According to Praise 106.5's website, Delirious?! is touring to raise funds for the BC Firefighters Burn Fund and will be appearing with a burn survivor named Heidi Cave.
3. I heard that was a rumour started to get Christians to buy their stuff. But I think that was just my sister talking.
4. Sorry, no.