Friday, May 20, 2005

May the Force be With You

Star Wars Posted by Hello

I think I was 17 or 18 when Episode 4 came out. I can't communicate clearly enough how this was a complete non-event for me. But oh my goodness, Mark was hooked. We saw it together at the drive in theatre that used to be near the Patulla Bridge. I seem to recall falling asleep. I opted against seeing it again that summer. I believe him and Fish saw it at least 3 - 4 more times.

Tonight was the season opener for Episode 3. A HUGE deal in this household of boys. So - we were there. And experiencing a weird sense of deja-vu, as I was watching it with the 18 year old son of the 18 year old guy I saw the original with.

I fell asleep this time too.


Christine said...

You such a blond -- whassa-matta -- can't you dig the nuances, man? I'm in a wierd mood. It's raining cats and dogs, I get to go home an hour early. I'm broke as usual but hey -- life is grand. And , no, I am not drunk. :)

PS I don't like Star Wars as much as I am gaga over Lord of the Rings.

Christine said...

PS -- Having trouble with my email. I send you some and it gets sent back to me undeliverable. Jenn's too. Can you let her know for me. In addition, I've been receiving copious amounts of 'interesting' stuff from Europe. The computer guys downstairs put blocks on my email, so now I don't know you I'm not receiving from.