Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ten things...

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Ten things I did today:
1. Shaved my legs
2. Sat in the passenger seat of my truck
3. Bought two fans - one for my bedroom, one for my office.
4. Smelled every flower in the yard
5. Had sushi for supper
6. Got to work on time
7. Suntanned for 20 uninterupted glorious minutes
8. Watched 'Chaotic' with Britney and Kevin
9. Prayed with my boys despite their whining
10. Wished I could forget to eat sometimes

Ten things I did not do today:
1. Take a photo
2. Have a low fat meal
3. Listen to music of my choosing
4. Make an appointment for a pedicure
5. Clean out my garage
6. Say a really bad word
7. Use suntan lotion
8. Get stung by the zillions of bees hovering around my wonderfully scented flwers
9. Dance naked
10. Buy nail polish remover like I told my dad I would so that I could dab some on my facia boards so that we could determine if they were originally painted with oil or latex. Nuts.

What'd you do today?


Anonymous said...

I worked at the MCC all day today. Not used to standing all day. Met some very interesting but sad people. One fellow bought himself a shirt and promptly put it on and for the next half an hour he preened in front of every mirror in the place. It was quite comical to watch. His wife had an armful of goodies but could not decide what to buy. She only wanted to buy 20.00 dollars worth and we rung up all of it and she slowly removed and then replaced the items one by one. I learned patience again today. I also gave your dad the nail polish remover I had in the house so he could come over tomorrow to check your facia paint.
Love you, Mom

Christine said...

Hey me neither -- I didn't dance naked either. Don't think I'm that 'free' Specially with all those jiggly bits -- oy where did they come from. Oh yeah, I remember, I can't stop eating icecream.