Monday, May 16, 2005

Weekend's over.

For a bit of a twist, thought I'd list THREE THINGS I HATE:

1. When "Hello" gets all moody and refuses to upload any of the photos I try to post on this blog.

2. When I take a second look at the "free" coupons in my drawer and realize they all expired on May 1... I had 2 coupons for free drinks at Starbucks, 2 free 8x10 photo enlargements at London Drugs and a free facial at a local facial-type place. Grrrr.

3. When humungous hairy spiders are waiting on the back wall of the garage to greet you home as you pull in late at night.

That's it. That's all I hate.

To even'er all out, I better do the Three Things I'm Thankful For schtick as well, otherwise the karma will be all outa balance:

1. Pants with a bit o' strrrretch in them.
2. The california lilac that exploded right outside my kitchen window. Yum. What a delicous scent. The haze of bees could go away though...
3. Only 5 (FIVE) more sleeps and it's the L O N G weekend. Yay.

and a bonus item to be grateful for: When friends invite me and the kids over for dinner/evening. Lucky, lucky me - out twice this weekend.

And Friday night, while home alone, I smiled for two solid hours. I sorted 2000 photos into files and folders on my computer and listened to my old pal, Peter Frampton. He and I have a special bond... in '79 we shared the same hair-do. Oh yeeeaaah - "Do you feel like I do?" Classic. Totally classic.

Take care,

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Christine said...

Didn't realize you shared so much with Peter Frampton. Our music from the seventies didn't jive -- I was into Motown in a big way. Marvin Gaye and Mary Wilson, especially.

But the lilac -- now that's something we have in common.