Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Ah Hah

My first bit of writing...
August 2002

Two weeks ago, on a warm Friday evening, I was sitting on a grassy hillside with a gentle breeze blowing on my face. The sky was cloudless, the moon was full and the stars were seemingly within touching distance. Michael W Smith was on stage, sitting behind his grand piano, singing worship songs, and tens of thousands of people were singing along. As I joined in, sometimes I stood, sometimes I danced, sometimes I sat and snuggled with Drew. At one point, Michael said, "I could do this all night..." and I totally agreed. It was almost magical. (I used to worry that heaven might be a teensy bit boring, if all we did was worship up there ...but that night at the amphitheatre changed my mind on that.)

As the night wore on, I felt immense peace. I was with the people I loved most, and I realized there was no place on earth that I would rather be. When "Smitty" said, "For this you were created..", I GOT it. Yes,... it felt right... this is why I was created. It was an "ah hah" moment for me.

I had another "ah hah" moment tonight at about 5:45pm. During a golf lesson with Denise, Clint and Clark, the instructor was physically assisting me in the art of holding a golf club. This hand here. The other hand there. NO, not quite like that ... like this ... one thumb should be at 1 o'clock, the other at 11 oclock. (HUH???) doesn't that feel better?... Legs apart, slightly. Butt jutting out like so. No farther. Farther still. Head forward, eyes over the ball. Knees bent in the typical, common athletic position (say wut? normal athletic position... huh?) Wrists stiff. Elbows straight but not stiff. Weight on left leg. Weight just slightly forward of heels on feet, but not on the toes, more like behind the arch. Right hip, loose. No lower body movement. Shoulders relaxed. (RELAXED??! I'm so uptight I'm going to snap.) End of club should be just left of zipper on my shorts. Hands should be over left thigh. Lift neck up off the shoulders. Don't take your eye off the ball. OK Now. Do a pendulum swing and follow through as if you were doing an underhand softball throw with your right hand. (Underhand softball throw???)

Anyway, I realized, with incredible clarity, that I was not created for this. No peace. No joy. You'd have to pay me to do that all evening.

Jane's heaven will not have a golf course.


Christine said...

I am so with you. Sports -- for me -- is not on the agenda for Heaven. Although I will respect my jock-buddies that will love a good romping game when they get up there. But for me, I realized the other day, I like writing. It's fun. So I might as well keep on doing it. Dang it, if it hasn't become a hobby.

Anonymous said...

Yep I had 10 lessons like that and still duff the ball. At least was your instructor male, cute and/or available? Could be worth stickin with it if so. Otherwise, just grin and bear it until it's over. And try to stay RELAXED!!HAHA (as if!)