Thursday, June 2, 2005

Do ya think I'm sexy?

Do you ever look at MSN's homepage? Today's list was of music from "your senior year".
I graduated in 1979:

Class of '79 : Do You Think I'm Sexy, Hot Stuff, I Will Survive, Y.M.C.A., The Gambler, Sultans Of Swing, Renegade

Yup. You can thank those of us who were borned in '61. Y.M.C.A. is ours.
WE own it babeee.
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Anonymous said...

I actually remember 1979. I can't remember why I came downstairs and then got distracted by the 'puter, but I remember '79. There are parts of it that are more vague than others but I remember grad and feeling so grown up! Wow, was I wrong. To all of you grads, it's okay, you'll grow up and you don't need to know what to do with your whole life already, cause even if you think you do, life is going to throw you a curve ball every so often. Just ask any of us who graduated in '79. We could tell you all about the ball games of our lives. Am I right or am I right?
Thanks for the reminder of some of that GREAT music (blek)we grew up to.