Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The floor. Posted by Hello
His room is 11 x 11. I saw 2 square feet of flooring tonight. The rest is covered, 18" deep in some spots, with his stuff.
"I put it there. I know exactly where everything is. There's no mould or rotting food. All these clothes are clean. It's organized."

Uh huh. The school phoned. Two textbooks and three library books are missing. I'm willing to bet $50 that they're buried somewhere in that room.

THIS is why I'm a bag fart.

This is why I say, like a scratched CD, "put your dishes in the sink. Bring the garbage cans up from the curb. Don't put your sock balls on the table. Don't leave wet towels on the floor. Don't put your GI Joes in the freezer. Don't wipe your face on the tablecloth. Don't leave your rollerblades in the bathroom. Don't leave your half eaten lunches on the bookshelves."

I am so tired of nagging.

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Christine said...

Everything else sounds like my house, even with so-called adult children. However, the GI-Joe in the freezer is a new one to me. It was more like, "Kyle, stop chewing the hands and feet off of Lana's Barbies." Poor Barbie, she was always a cripple in our house.