Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I just watered my planters. Don't you love warm evenings, especially those when there's a full moon? I'm not tired. But I've got to leave my house tomorrow morning at 5:45 am in order to be downtown for a business breakfast meeting at the Vancouver Club at 7:15 am. OY. How come no one wants to have meetings at midnight? I'm far more alert in the middle of the night. I'm mostly over my cold. Just a few lingering annoyances. The main one being the sores under my nose from excessive blowing and wiping. And just because it's MY face, those sores turned into full blown pimples. Perfectly symetrical, one directly under each nostril. I can hardly wait til the morning. Bags under my eyes. Zits under my nose. And extra chin under my chin. And for that matter, a spare stomach under my stomach. S i g h h h h. Posted by Hello

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JSY said...

Okay, it canNOT be that bad. The pimpleys and all that. If it's any consolation, and of course I know already that it won't be, I was sitting in the car the other day, in a compilation of cars that were aspiring to be called 'traffic,' and I was playing with my fat. The fat that was hanging over the button on my elastic waist pants. THAT is enough information in that one little sentence to depress me for eternity.