Tuesday, June 28, 2005

June 28

Is there anything else I could try to cram into the next 48 hours?

Looking. Looking.
Uh huh. Hmmmmm.
Checking for a spare minute….
Still looking.

No room for one more thing.

Lucky I only use the toilet twice a day, cuz there’s no way I could schedule a third visit.

Three things I’m thankful for:
1. Tomorrow’s brown bag lunch for Drew is the last one I need to prepare for 61 days.
2. My request for summer hours was approved. Yae. Four day weekends ALL summer long.
3. I will not have to wake Clint up for 2 months. That’ll be someone else’s job at camp.
4. Seven boxes of Kleenex later, my nose has stopped running.
5. My dad fixed my broken lawnmower.
6. And is trying to fix my barbecue.
7. My mom did all my carpooling duties today and the other day and that day last week and...

You’re welcome. No charge for the 4 bonus items. I’m just that nice.

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