Sunday, June 5, 2005

Mandi Said

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"This is a good one," she says as she looks at the screen on the back of my camera. "I'll need a copy of these flowers."
"Flowers?" I inquire. "Why do you need flower pictures?"
"I do the power point stuff at church. Rather than putting the song lyrics on a plain background, I use your photos. I've downloaded a whole bunch of them of your blog. Mostly flowers, but alot of Cultus Lake ones too."
"Oh. That's good." I say, kinda pleased that she (a typical, picky, somewhat sarcastic teen) likes the pictures I take.
"Yeah. How's it feel, Auntie Jane, knowing people are seeing your pictures when they praise God? Knowing that your photos are helping them worship?"

Well, Mandi. It feels amazing.
Your comments left me tingling with joy.
When I look through the lens of my camera I am in awe of the creativity of our God. His use of colour and texture catches my breath everytime.
I am thrilled to be able to share my captured glimpses of God's greatness with the folks in your church.

Love you chicky pooo...

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Christine said...

Wow. Doesn't surprise me. God has blessed your with a gift and man, if He isn't using it already. Way-to-go girl. Proud of you. And this one is a gorgeous one. Hard for me to chose. will I stick to the roses today or try to peonies. I love both of them.