Thursday, August 4, 2005

Another List:

Ten things I still want to do this summer: (tick tick tick...times running out. I feel so presured...)
1. Check out the sandcastles at Harrison
2. Hang out at White Rock for an afternoon
3. Get my boobs squished for medical reasons
4. Celebrate Drew's birthday
5. Go to Tuscany Gardens to see the Purple Cone Flowers
6. Ride the SeaBus over to Lonsdale Quay
7. Tan my inner arms
8. Pull the ball of hair out of my shower drain. Ewwwww.
9. Wash the gunk out of the window sills. Gag.
10. Get married.


Come on.
I was just kidding.

You don't think I have gunk in my window sills, do you?

"Blessed are those whose dreams are shaped by their hopes and not by their hurts."
Robert Schuller


Christine Lindsay said...

Haven't had time to check your blog lately. Balloons -- so evocative of dreams. Fly high.

JSY said...

I wanna go to White Rock too. Never been. And that Lonsdale Quay thing--I watched the SeaBus go back and forth during my week at SFU Harbour Centre, so anytime you're up for it...only problem is, we gotta wrangle too many damn little kids. Maybe on a weekend, a non-writerly adventure? I know of an amazing OLD book shoppe downtown now!

By the way, as a parting gift, my editor for the immersion workshop--her name was Lynn (she was a managing editor at Raincoast Books here in Vancouver, but is now moving to Toronto to become PUBLISHER and part-owner of the House of Anansi Press)--she gave me "Bird by Bird." How AWESOME. Oh, and she knows all about my wonderful writer's group friends, too, so GET WRITING. I know a PUBLISHER now!!!