Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Just waiting for the ice to melt

My ex-husband's brother's ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend has a place at Kit's beach. Seeing they were going out for the evening, they let me use their parking spot.
On Saturday night.
For the fireworks finale.
How lucky am I?

I got to take these 4 human beings. AND I had a private parking spot. Life does not get better...

It did feel weird though.

For the first time in 6 years, I didn't have all of my sons along.

It was a tradition.

"Why isn't Clint coming?" Drew asked.

"He's going to watch them with his friends from camp." I replied.

"That's not right. We always go together. He's bailing on us."

My dad said he knows how I feel. "The first time we went camping without you it didn't feel right. You were 16 with a job and had to stay home and I didn't like it at all."

I guess this is just the start of 'things feeling odd'...

I know I've been waiting for him to grow up n all, but now that it's happening, I've got a few adjustments to make.


Three things I've got to do before I go to bed:

1. Put the meat and stuff back in the deep freeze. For some reason I decided to defrost it tonight at 10:30. It's an upright one, so the melted frost is creating a stream down the middle of my garage. All the contents are being kept cold in my coolers. Any second now it should be done...

2. Decide what I'm going to wear tomorrow. Due to bad planning, tomorrow is a "hair" day - meaning I'll have to wash it before work. I hate when I don't do it the night before. But I had a freezer to defrost...

3. Do something about this skin of mine. Nice colour. But a bit dry. And wrinkly. Kinda flakey in parts. Not so much in others. All my creams are at the cabin though. So I might have to douse myself in extra virgin olive oil.

If that sounded like a sexy come-on, it wasn't meant to. Goodness have you seen me lately? Not one blasted inch of me could be considered sexy; covered in oil or not.

Just checked. Four inches of very cold water has puddled on the bottom of the cooler. All the frost is gone. Eggsssellent.

Gotta go sop that up.


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