Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ten "Meme" Questions:

1. How many times a day do you wash your hands?
Hmmm. Can’t say I’ve ever counted. Let’s say 5 times. Is that bad? (Remember, I only use the bathroom twice a day. HUGE bladder. )
2. How often do you get the flu that's going around?
Before I got this office job, where we keep breathing in each other’s air, I only got sick once a year. Now it’s like every other month.
3. How often are you really "sick" when you take a sick day?
100% of the time.
4. Who would you like to see in a cage match?
Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. They both are kinda scummy. They ick me out. They could beat each other up. I would not watch.
5. Name 3 things you absolutely love.
Clint, Max, Drew. Oh, they aren’t things? How about books, gerber daisies and good hair days.
6. If you had to give 2 of them up which would they be (and why)?
What kind of sick ass question is this? I’d give up gerber daisies because there’s always alstremaria and irises… and SIGH, I’d give up good hair days because there are so few of them anyways. I’d never be able to give up books.
7. Name 3 things you absolutely loathe.
Being used. Being lied to. Being disrespected. Oh, those aren’t things? How about … a dirty house, an unflushed toilet, and my body.
8. What is your all time favorite memory EVER?
Clint was probably 6 and Max would have been about 3. We heard there was going to be an amazing show of shooting stars, so we packed a midnight snack, including juice boxes and sunflower seeds and picnicked with the kids in my parent’s back field. As we lay there, looking at the star-filled sky, the cows came by to check us out. Can’t remember if we ever saw any shooting stars, but that night everything in my world felt “right”.
9. What is the one thing that happened in high school that would make you avoid your class reunion?
Like 12 other ‘high school sweetheart couples’, I married my boyfriend. By the 20th reunion, the others were still married and we weren’t. I couldn’t go. Felt like such a loser.
10. What is your dream job, no matter how untrained you might be or unrealistic and bizarre it might be?
Dream job? Isn’t that an oxymoron? A dream job would be one that doesn’t start in the morning. One that I could do from home. And wouldn’t require a new wardrobe. Is there a job like that?

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Christine Lindsay said...

Luv the story about the cows checking you in the field. Such a great scene. And you're so funny and smart. Sigh, wish I wuz.