Monday, September 5, 2005

And then they went to the backyard and trimmed the grapevine.
That's the trick to getting guys interested in chores; let them use really sharp manly tools.

But refer to it as a weapon. Clearly indicate who the enemy is. In this case, it was the vines. The vines that had no fruit on them.

Then suggest the use of a ladder.

And act nervous when they choose to sit on the roof...
Thanks Max.

Thanks Drew.

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JSY said...


Send those butchers to my house, ASAP!!! The neighbors are pissed OFF that my grapevines have wrapped around their cedars (or whatever those things are). Oops. The other neighbor loves the grapes and is coming over tomorrow to harvest her little heart out to make some vino. She promised to share if it turns out. Yum! :o)