Monday, September 12, 2005

Guest Photographer

In the two years we've lived here, I've never seen a sunset from our yard.
The other night, there was a surreal one.
"Guys. Come out to the front. It's amazing. "
They are sauntered out the front door, humouring me.
"Whoa. Where's your camera?" Clint asked with urgency.
I'm standing on the driveway in awe of the spectacle in the sky, while Clint, like me in so many ways, knows this image must be captured.
He took half a dozen shots, and within 3 minutes it was over.

Glad I had someone to share that moment with.

1 comment:

JSY said...

I was 14 seconds away from your house at the barn and I totally missed this.

Thanks for capturing it for me. :o) Well, and for everyone else who visits your spot on the Web. But, as usual, I'm selfish, so I like to think you caught this photo for me personally.