Wednesday, September 14, 2005

An idea -

Whoa. Did any other bloggers notice the change in the dashboard? Cool. They must've added those new features at midnight, cuz they weren't there earlier this evening.

Um. In case anyone's interested, I thought I'd offer my services as a very amateur photographer. If you'd like me to take some casual, candid pictures of your family (so you can include them in Christmas cards or whatever) I'd be open to doing that.

Here's what I'm thinkin:

I'll pick three dates and three different locations when/where I'll be available. Interested folks can 'book' a 30 minute time slot where I'll click like crazy and likely take 50 shots. Hopefully there'll be a dozen good ones in the bunch (in case making a calendar was part of your plan...) I'll fiddle with the images, doing some cropping and colour balancing afterwards - then burn them onto a CD for you to keep. You can then either take the CD in to get the images developed at Walmart or London Drugs, or share them over the internet or print them off yourself.

Cost: $40.

If you are interested, I'm leaning towards the following:

Sat Oct 1 (afternoon) in Williams Park or the Fort

Sun Oct 2 (afternoon) at Cresent Beach

Sat Oct 8 (all day) at Cultus and surrounding area

Thursday Oct 13 (late afternoon) in Sendall gardens or other park close to my house

Sat Oct 15 (early afternoon) somewhere in Surrey, exact spot still to be determined.

If you want more info, e-mail me.

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JSY said...

I will call you and set up an appointment -- THIS IS TERRIFIC, Jane! Exactly what I want!!!!

Where the heck are all these places?

Wow. I should get out more often.

DAMN KENDON keeps hitting the 'Esc' key -- did you know that it ERASES the blog comment being typed when the 'Esc' key is plunked? This is the third time I've TYPED this. Sheesh.