Friday, October 7, 2005

Four on Friday

Q1: What do you consider more important: Your Character or Your Reputation?
Q2: Do you have any art hanging on your walls that you've created yourself. If so, what is it? If not, do you dream of creating pieces of your own?
Q3: For the men in the audience... boxers or briefs? And for the ladies in the house, which do you prefer?

Q4: If you had the power and influence to rid the world of just one thing, what would that one thing be?

1. Abraham Lincoln said: "Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing."
I agree with Abe. Character is what counts. The rest is smoke and mirrors. Reputation is most often based on rumor and/or skewed information. We have no control over what other people choose to believe about us, nor should we care. What we do have control over is our actions, our words, and how we treat others. Integrity baby - that's what it's all about.

2. I once hooked a rug and got my dad to frame it so I could hang it on the wall. Yes, a hooked rug is a piece of art. Other than that, it would be photos that I've taken. Clint and I have a plan for the large wall in the entrance. It would involve art work. By both of us. With the amount of spare time we both have this fall, I'm guessing that wall will be empty for some time yet. But we have a dream. And follow it we will.

3. Boxers. Definitely boxers. With a good waist band. Silky ones for, erhm, I can't remember.

4. The power to rid the world on one thing...
Max and I watched Oprah this afternoon. Ok. He was playing some computer game that involves jewels and looks like Tetris. I was snoring on the couch. (Once every three weeks or so, I crash. Literally. One minute I'm standing, next minute I fallen over. Good thing the couch always catches me. ) Anyway, Oprah was on, so we both were sort of aware of her guests. Which all had been on the movie "Crash".
So tonight, he and I rented it. After CSI and ER, we put it in.

Great movie.
Got us both thinking about some issues.

So, with that film still fresh in my mind, I might be tempted to say, if I could rid the world of just one thing, I would have to say hatred. Racial hatred.
But maybe it wasn't really about racists. Maybe it was fear. Maybe I should try to rid the world of fear.
But then I read a mother-of-twins blog yesterday and she ranted for pages on the evils of trans fats. Maybe I should rid the world of that.
But a weekend of rainy days is nothing to look forward to, so maybe I should rid the world of rainy weekends.

See, you thought I was going to take this question seriously. Especially since I was all deep and scholarly with the first question. I fooled you.

My blog. I can do that.

Bloggers, post your answers. Let's just see what you would do, shall we? The rest of you can e-mail or use the comments.

Alright, if there's one thing I could rid the world of it would be poverty.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I'm taking tomorrow off. Yay. Sleep in. No monkey clothes. No bagged lunches either, as the kids have the day off as well. It'll be like a perfect summer day. Only without the sun.

2. The Canucks won. Max, Drew and I wore our jerseys and hung the Canuck's flag on the fireplace mantle. Go boys. Love watching Bertuzzi, Nasland and Linden...

3. It was just Clint and I for supper yesterday. He asked, "How was your day?" After the shock wore off I gave a 2 second reply (which in the past has been his attention span on all things related to me). Then he asked, "What did you do today? Did you make anything?" (My job this week has been to design invitations and thank you cards. How PERFECT is that?) We had a real conversation. I thought my heart was going to combust from happiness.

If I don't make it back til after the weekend,
Happy Thanksgiving. May it be filled with turkey and hockey and love.

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