Monday, October 31, 2005

From Jen:

A Prayer Request:

"hey mrs o!um this is mroe for ur prayer requests thinger i just wanted /wundering if u cud mayeb post on ur site about this gurl at my frends school, shes in grade 12 and just has been diagnosed with leukemia, she is suposed to go to israel this spring break on a misions trip, so ya i unno just thought maybe u cud post it for prayer if ya wouldnt mind thanks jen k"

(I think she means...)
Could you all pray for a young lady in grade 12 who has recently been diagnosed with leukemia? She is hoping to go to Isreal in March on a missions trip.


Weekend is over. Why am I not ready for another week of work?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Friday night's rain did not dampen anyone's fun at the Youth Event. I had a bad attitude, but that didn't seem to effect anyone but me.
2. Saturday night. Clint had a friend over, and we all played dominoes. All of us. Weird but cool.
3. Sunday afternoon nap. I had one. Clint had one. Max read a book. Drew played with his cars.
The most boring/restful afternoon in years...

Proverb of the day:
"As a face is reflected in the water, so the heart reflects the person." 27:19


Christine Lindsay said...

Thanks for the translation, but I speak Jenneze. It's a rare talent. :)

My Thots said...

Yep I speak Jenneze too, but I still appreciated the translation. I also appreciate the prayers from all your readers. We are very concerned for this girl. The last report we heard, mind you this is 2nd hand, was that she may not ever come out of the hospital. Pray lots!! Our God hears and answers. Help us accept your answer Father.