Monday, November 7, 2005

Lots of stuff on my mind these days -

But no time to blog about it.

One friend's mom-in-law passed away.
Another friend's 18 year old daughter is pregnant.

It's that Ying and Yang of life that's messing with me these days.
Or maybe it's an aging thing... ten years ago when our parents were younger, we didn't worry about funerals. And ten years ago when our kids were in elementary school, we didn't have to plan for unexpected grandchildren.

Who knew that the easiest phase of adulthood was when we were in our early 30's?
What was I doing then? Did I appreciate those days?

And in 10 years will I look back and say these were the best days of my life?
Am I enjoying them?


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Scented dryer sheets
2. Gel pens
3. Spontaneous vacations

Proverb of the day:
"Gentle words bring life and health..." 15:4


My Thots said...

The pix of the boys are beautiful, but then so are your boys.
Ying and yang can really screw with one's mind-should I be happy, or sad or both at the same time. Wish I knew how to compartmentalize in my brain sometimes. I guess it's true, men are waffles and women are spaghetti. Men know how to compartmentalize their thoughts and deal with basically one thing at a time, but we women - you pull one strand and you get it all!!! Bring on the parmesan and the tissues please. We'll pray for both your friends.

Christine Lindsay said...

Nice shots of the boys, looks like magazine shots, and the boys models. I hear ya, our thirties were good in some ways, but hopefully we'll be wise and capture every moment in our forties and onward.