Sunday, December 25, 2005

Having a Digital Camera has transformed Christmas Eves for me.

For years, I've hidden the kids' Christmas stockings and left a clue tacked to the fireplace on Christmas morning.
It commonly takes about 20 minutes for the three of them, working together to figure out the location of the stockings.

Tradionally, the clues are coded hints (or obscure poems, or scrambled letters) that the guys have to unravel before they can guess at the location of the next clue. To keep it challenging, I hide 12 - 15 clues.

In the past it has taken me HOURS to prepare.

This year, however, it took me 6 minutes.
The clues are photos. They have to figure out where I took the pic and go there to get the next clue.

Simply brilliant.

Clue # 4

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